What's New in Zoner Photo Studio 13?

Feel the Speed with Every Click

  • Use your computer’s whole potential—Zoner Photo Studio now includes a includes a 64-bit program version that makes even huge photographs fly by, and optimizations to get more speed out of your multi-core computer.
  • Breeze through your RAW tasks—we’ve optimized the RAW module so you can work with these files faster.

Every Picture at Your Fingertips

  • New navigator interface—switch easily between the tree view, the Catalog, and your favorite folders.
  • Fulltext search in the Catalog—use the new Catalog Filter toolbar to easily find cataloged pictures by their keywords, shot location, exposure info, and more.
  • Easy Management for RAW/JPEG pairs—let the program move and delete JPEG/RAW pairs together, so you don’t have to.
  • Viewer now supports a second monitor, multiple tabs, and toolbar customizaion and helps you quickly rate and label pictures via a new toolbar.
  • Pictures can be opened from Windows into multiple tabs.

More Editing Power Than Ever

  • More advanced RAW developing—adjust vignetting, output size, and underexposure method in the RAW module. Collapse side panels for better previewing.
  • Keep transparency and add your own—edit transparent pictures without damage... or use the new Eraser for transparency edits of your own.
  • Two great new brushes—Healing Brush touchups “learn” from the area where you use it, making retouches easier to do and easier on the eyes. The new Selection Brush brushes a selection onto the picture.
  • A more flexible Magic Wand—the new brightness and contrast selection types make it easier than ever to let the wand do the work.
  • Better text tools—you can now add symbols like arrows to your pictures and freely transform text.
  • Top-of-the-line printing: XPS printing is now available for 16-bit images.

The State of the Art—And Beyond!

  • Multi-exposures help you do the impossible—use the new multi-exposure tools to clear away tourists from a landmark, create a noise-free picture of a dim room, prepare HDR without a tripod, and more!
  • Support for 10-bit monitors—Zoner Photo Studio is the first program of its kind to support the new 10-bit display technology, distinguishing one billion colors so you can perfectly see even the finest color changes.

Photo Sharing For Today

  • Direct upload to Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa Web Albums—your pictures are just a click away from where you share.
  • Postcard maker—Want to turn your pictures into a postcard? It’s now a snap with Zoner Photo Studio.
  • More ways to impress in slideshows—the new slideshow transition effects will make presentations feel more like a movie than a slideshow.
  • Improved envelopes—better-looking results and a new Notebook Paper envelope.

And Even More

  • Direct scanning to PDF.
  • Support for XMP picture information in PNG files.
  • Support for the new JPEG XR format.
  • Time-lapse screen capture.
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