Zoner Photo Studio 13 Professional Edition

Zoner Photo Studio 13 Professional
Zoner Photo Studio helps you take control of your photos. Acquire pictures from your camera, organize your archive, and edit and share your photos—it’s never been easier!

Getting organized

Zoner Photo Studio gives you control over your pictures. If you are like most people, you have collected more photos over the years than you know what to do with, and Zoner Photo Studio eliminates the frustration of having huge amounts of photos and not being able to find what you are looking for.

Picture Management and Archival

Digital photography is used today in every area of life. That means more and more photos… and rising importance for photo sorts and searches. That’s why we’ve improved the Catalog, making it quick and easy to find the exact picture you’re looking for.

The new Catalog filtering panel lets you show cataloged photos based on fulltext searches of their picture information—for example their rating, label, or GPS location, including filtering by several kinds of information at once. We’ve also added the often-requested ability to automatically manage associated files along with pictures (for example JPEG and RAW pairs).

  • Catalog filtering panel with fulltext searching and filtering by ratings, labels, GPS data, and more.
  • Easy automatic deletion/moving of associated files, like JPEG/RAW file pairs.
  • Quick file selection now supports selection by rating or label.

Automatic Sorting

Show on map - GPS

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