Zoner Photo Studio 13 Professional Edition

Zoner Photo Studio 13 Professional
Zoner Photo Studio helps you take control of your photos. Acquire pictures from your camera, organize your archive, and edit and share your photos—it’s never been easier!

RAW Processing

Zoner Photo Studio includes a professional module for processing RAW files. These files, obtainable from many cameras, contain unprocessed ("raw") values directly from the camera sensor. To obtain a picture from these values, the data must first be converted ("developed") into a standard picture format like JPEG or TIFF. The RAW module lets you edit numerous settings like lightness, white balance, and sharpness before developing a picture.

The RAW Module


The RAW module offers several groups of settings to help optimize the how the RAW is converted. These groups are Exposure, White Balance, Sharpness, Tone Curve, Color, Noise Reduction, Rotation, HDR, Color Correction, and Grayscale. A histogram can be shown in the module, and a history list for settings changes is available, so you can compare what effects individual edits will have.

The RAW Processing Queue

The RAW module also lets you put pictures into a processing queue. This is especially useful with large picture batches, since it prevents long waits during that long process. You can give each picture (or several selected pictures) its own conversion settings and then add it to the queue. The whole queue is processed at once, and processing can be paused and continued at any time.

Supported RAW Formats

Zoner Photo Studio normally uses what are called WIC codecs to decode RAW files. In some situations it uses an external program named dcraw, which enables loading of previews and EXIF information from the following RAW formats:

ARW/SR2/SRF Sony RAW Image
CRW/CR2 Canon RAW Image
DNG Adobe Digital Negative ("Adobe RAW")
ERF Epson RAW Image
KDC Kodak Digital Camera Image
MEF Mamiya RAW Image
MRW Minolta RAW Image
NEF/NRW Nikon RAW Image
ORF Olympus RAW Image
PEF Pentax RAW Image
RAF Fuji Camera RAW Image
RAW/RW2 Panasonic RAW Image
RWZ Rawzor Compressed RAW
X3F Sigma RAW Image
3FR/FFF Hasselblad RAW Image

Work with DNG

Adobe, Inc. has made a commendable effort to standardize the chaotic world of RAW formats, with its creation of the universal DNG format. And Zoner Photo Studio uses DNG to obtain pictures from the RAW formats it supports directly. But nearly any RAW format—not just these few—can be converted to DNG. The Adobe DNG Converter, accepts over 200 RAW formats… and Zoner Photo Studio cooperates seamlessly with Adobe DNG Converter.

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