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Local Security

Storage Device Control

  • Flexible control mode: Disable, read-only, plaintext, encryption (password, drag & drop, specified PC), temp policy
  • Support external HDD, USB drive, SD card, MP3…etc.
  • External storage device registration method: Hardware, software, serial number
  • MTP (smart phone) control
  • HDD Protection:
    • MBR and BitLocker disk protection: Prevent users escape control by using CD-ROM boot, USB drive boot, or HDD cascade
    • BitLocker auto unlock disk after login Windows, support both GPT / MBR format

Adv. Storage Device Control

  • Copy file to external storage device with supervisor approval
  • Limit size of daily copy or single file to an external storage device

CD/DVD Control

Optical Device Control

  •      Disable disc recorder (CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray)
  •      Disable burning applications


  •      Burned into ciphertext or plaintext
  •      Comprehensive record & alert
  •      Burn CD/DVD with supervisor approval

Printer Control

  • Configure printing policy for each local or network printer
  • Watermark protection
  • Backup the printed content or file
  • Alert and notification while printing with specified file name
  • Allow temporary printing or cancel watermark with supervisor approval



Operation Log

  • System File Activity & Operation Record: Record system file deletion and rename event (includes command mode operation)
  • User Activity & Operation Record:
    1. Software execution and operation
    2. Web browsing
    3. OS Login & logout
    4. File operations includes create, copy, move, rename and delete


Operation Log

  • Microsoft Office file access control and log (open, save, save as)
  • Clipboard log (copy, copy paste)

Other Control

  • Port and tools protection: IrDA transceiver, Bluetooth, file transfer software, PrtScr key, remote control, GHOST, VMWare, Virtual Box, Hyper-V, P2P software, SHARE tools, registry editor, sound card, …etc.
  • Disable the built-in or USB wireless network card
  • General device control: Disable devices in Windows Device Manager
  • Control Windows virtual devices, e.g., mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 phones


  • Individual encryption virtual discs: Store important files, and record user's behavior on X-DISK

Network Security

SMB Net Share Control

  • Network drive sharing Control: Disable, access record, backup files transfer
  • Email Notification while network traffic and the number of file deletion exceed the threshold

Personal Firewall

  • Enable or disable communication ports, e.g., FTP, HTTP
  • Allow to use communication port with supervisor approval

Transfer Control

  • IM control
    • Disable IM software
    • Disable file transfer, e.g., Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Tencent QQ, Line, AliWangWang, Google Talk, ICQ
    • Record chat message, e.g., Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Tencent QQ, Line, AliWangWang
  • FTP: Disable FTP or record & backup FTP transfer
  • Wireless Access:     (1) Disable 3G / 3.5G & dial-up software   (2) Disable WiFi Service




Web Browsing   Control

  • Web access control:
  • Record user browsing behavior
  • Allow user to browse website during specific period (e.g., browse Facebook after hours)
  • HTTPS control: Support user defined blacklist and whitelist, and record blocked website browsing.
  • Advanced web access control: (Support IE with specified URL)
  • Disable printing, copy, cut and paste, save as functions
  • Disable the keyboard, drag and drop, send the screen, view source file
  • WebPost control: Disable or record file uploads (e.g., Webmail, Web Storage)
  • Network traffic monitoring: Daily upload and download traffic alerts
  • Allow web access with supervisor approval

Cloud Control

  • Control sync application and URL of cloud drive
  • Control web based cloud service (support IE, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Control application using HTTPS connection (TLS / SSL)
  • Control Microsoft Office save as to cloud drive

Web Content Log

  • Record content of web page (support IE, Firefox)
  • Support HTTPS/HTTP

Webmail Log

  • Retrieve webmail text content of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail




E-mail Control

  • Allow specified SMTP mail server
  • Record and backup e-mail content
  • Support Notes (Windows 32 bit) and Outlook

Attachment Encryption

  • Auto encrypted the attachments while sending e-mail
  • Send the decryption password with supervisor approval
  • E-mail sending prohibition with specified domain name or keywords, and record blocked activity





Software Security


Software Security

Software Execution Control

  • Record prohibited and unmanaged software operation
  • Allow to execute specified software during specific period
  • Allow software execution with supervisor approval


  • Isolate files in safe zone to prevent malicious access, e.g., Ransomware
  • Only specific software allow access safe zone

Adv. Software Security

Speecific Software Control

  • Disable the function of specified software: printing, copy and paste, keyboard, save as, drag and drop the data




IT Assets Mgmt

Hardware Assets

  • Hardware asset management
  • Hard drive utilization information & alert
  • Procurement management of computer hardware and general equipment
  • Lifecycle management of assets

Software Assets

  • Software asset management
  • HotFix management
  • Enforce remotely uninstall software
  • Registry management
  • Software license management and rearrange software license
  • Software group management



Remote Function

  • Remote wake-up, logout, reboot and shutdown the client
  • File deployment: Support for immediate delivery, scheduled delivery, file transfer, transmission bandwidth management, seeding delivery
  • Message broadcast
  • Remote view or remote control computer
  • Online help desk and satisfaction survey
  • Remote scan and find the files with specific keywords
  • X-Monitor
    • Support multi gridview on one screen
    • Supervisor can Live monitor the computer screen

Screen Capture

  • Capture screenshots at defined time intervals
  • Capture screenshots while execute specific software
  • Adjustable image quality and interval time
  • Screen capture with specific operation, e.g., switch windows, copy to clipboard, Microsoft Office operation

Server Protection

Secure Virtual Tunnel

  • Only allow client with X-FORT agent to access protected servers
  • Only dedicated users, devices, or software can connect to protected servers
  • The communication uses TLS encryption to prevent MITM




File Encryption

Secure Virtual Storage

Secure Virtual Storage

  • Enforce saving files to SVS drive while using the specified applications (e.g., Word, AutoCAD)
  • Encrypt SVS based on the policy assigned by document administrator
  • Support source code protection with IDE (integrated development environment)

Document Encryption Center

  • Document Encryption Center can automatically encrypt the document by different policy
  • Different share folder has different policy.











System Mgmt


  • Multi-Language Support: English / Japanese / Traditional Chinese /   Simplified Chinese
  • Management Roles: Administrators, Group Managers, Auditors and others
  • Compliant with password complexity, password length requirements, and password change enforcement


  • Stealth Self-Protection: Prevent agent destroyed by malicious user or software
  • Support Windows Safe Mode and AD profile roaming
  • Compatible with Windows 7/10, Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 or above
  • Security incidents alert and notification


  • Support database backup and restore
  • Optimized server and client data exchange bandwidth
  • File encryption with PKI (1024 bit) & AES (256 bit)
  • Single server supports more than 1,000 Clients
  • Support Microsoft Azure, Private Cloud, Public Cloud & Hybrid Cloud


Adv. Mode

  • Multi server support Active-Active load balance, assign client to specified server based on network segments
  • Store backup files on relay server
  • Exchange encrypted files between trusted servers

Security Policy Check

  • Check client consistent with security regulation
  • Practical implementation of ISO 27001