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1. Comprehensive Enterprise Information Security Policy Control

Mandatory access control: implement mandatory protection and control to ensure all enterprise safety policies can be executed.

Granular access control: restrict access based on users’ work features. The management authorization system manager, department supervisor, and auditor are assigned respective tasks to ensure information safety policy implementations.

Detailed recording: record PC access, file output, and information delivery for future auditing, tracking, and management.

User-friendly management interface: set up enterprise information safety policies through the management interface and examine the records/reports for IT personnel monitor purpose.

2. Full-range System Operation Architecture

Multiple Self-Invisibility Protection: prevent the user’s deliberate removal of the X-FORT system.

Offline operation mode support: the protection mechanism continues to function on a Notebook computer taken outside by a mobile worker.

Provision of backup server auto switch mechanism: ensure X-FORT system operates uninterrupted.

Provision of Server Load Balance Mechanism: reduce the system load on one single server.

3. Framework Extensibility and Flexibility

Solid server-client framework: plan clear operation agreement and establish a solid basis for system development.

Module system function: 15 modules are available for enterprises to choose from to extend functionality.

Encrypted file roaming: encrypted files can be exchanged and decrypted on trusted system servers.

Synchronized server authorization mechanism: support multiple-server management in large enterprises.

X-FORT Server supports 32 bytes and 64 bytes PC and fully utilizes the powerful server.

4. Easy System Delivery

Integrate AD/NDS/NT/LDAP network and new account management: The security policy setting is delivered and applied by OU/Group/Personnel/PC.

Remote deployment: speedy remote install/uninstall client program.

System requirements and easy instillation steps: easy system delivery.

5. User-friendly Interface Management

Easy operation and speedy learning: users may encrypt/decrypt files with ease. 

Single Sign On: no pressure for users and no learning cost.