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Overview   Functions   Modules   Specifications
Spam SQR - Optional Module
Optional Function Description
Multi-way module Include workload distribution and remote backup across multiple servers, and lots of distributed system operation services.
Email announcement module For the external emails, the exemption declarations are automatically noted. Different departments can have different contents noted. The noted email will not be noted repeatedly.
Email SSL encryption It can be integrated with SSL encryption mechanism to realize encrypted email transmissions.
Antivirus module This provides virus scanning and filtering for dual directions (Inbound/Outbound), including functions, such as antivirus information and settings, virus isolations, and virus statistical reports, able to block malicious software spread out, such as viruses and worms. This can be updated to multiple layers of antivirus engine structure.
Remote access module Provide interfaces for accessing remote emails that have been backup in real time.
Attachment audit module Reviews and controls are conducted for the keywords in the contents of attachments. The details can be sent periodically to supervisors for review.
Customized filtering module Provide interfaces that allow users determining by themselves if they want to join SPAM SQR filtering services.
Personal information detection module Provide options of personal information templates, including ID number, credit card number, telephone, address, passport number, and so on. The administrators can define the policies quickly to prevent the emails that contain personal information leaked out.
Password strength detection module Periodically check the strength of password, and automatically provide notices and statistical reports that help enterprises to effectively understand and urge users to following business criteria.
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