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Softnext - SPAM SQR - Functions

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Spam SQR - Function List
Standard Function Description
Filtering list Support RBL external database list. Both black and white lists in the system provided with anti-counter-fait detections. Trap Email function can conduct heuristic defenses for dictionary file attacks.
DoS defense Conduct controls and blocks for attacks by instantly massive amount emails. This can prevent the email host attacked and the services paralyzed.
Content keyword filtering Provide keyword filtering database in multiple languages. The filtering categories can be flexibly adjusted and created with customization.
Spam mail behavior character filtering Provide the absolute black character detecting and filtering mechanism, which can automatically conduct intelligent amendments per the error rates.
Automatic learning filter Automatic learning filter engine can learn spam mails and normal mails and automatically separate spam mails and normal mails.
Policy management Provide browsing and adjusting the settings of filtering categories of each group. The principles of categories for deliveries can be set up.
Filtering conditions Administrators can set up conditions, such as release, interception, review, or delay.
Audit function The filtering conditions for audits can be customized. The email matching the conditions will be intercepted and placed in the queues. The audit details will be sent to each administrator at specific time.
Group setting Provide the account settings for group personnel in enterprises. The settings of personalized services can be turned on or off in accordance with the management requirements of members in groups.
Email record All email data can be completely recorded. The quick inquiries correspondent to the relevant columns can be provided. The reasons for interceptions can be enquired. This can help administrators to understand the situations of email communications.
Email interception / marking service Provide multiple services, such as classified marking transmission modes, spam mail interception mode, and so on.
Statistical report Provide multiple and readable statistical information, including various statistical auxiliary charts, such as various flow rates, interceptions, rankings, emails, senders, IP resources, connection blocks, viruses. The reports can be exported and printed.
Account synchronization It can integrate the standard LDAP server to automatically synchronize the email account and the authorizations to manage accounts. It also supports AD hierarchical group structure conducting the benefits of group managements.
Authorization management function According to the authorization policies for departments in company, the authorization that administrators login the administrator interface can be defined, including email records, group settings, and statistical reports.
MySPAM personalization Include the services, such as the customized browsing language, interception detailed list with risk classification, management of personal black and white list, adjustment settings of filtering categories, simple personal email backup and recovery. This can create flexible and additional valuable management effects for users.
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