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Compliance Service for Personal Protection Act

As a strong demand from the market, Softnext is leading the industry to offer an integrated service solution. Legal consultancy, ISO standard, IT security check, and digital forensics methodology are combined to help enterprise build a management system of PIPA.

Compliance Check Service
A quick check for PIPA gap analysis.
Start-up suggestions for compliance implementation.
Complete assessment for cost and risk.
Compliance Implementation Service
100% guarantee for PIPA compliance system.
Reducing enterprise risk by contract revising and procedures modification.
Improving data protection by data access control rules.
Customized Project
Extend project scope to implement PIPA compliance system with ISO standard, IT solution, and legal services.
Our methodology is following 「Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act 」,「BSI standard BS 10012」,「Japan JIS Q 15001:2006 」,「 APEC PRIVACY FRAMEWORK 」,「OECD: (Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data」, we are aiming to improve data management system of enterprise.
Following Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act , and 100% guarantee for all actions followed.
Offering service on document review, process set up, SOP build up, and to make sure effective and efficient compliance implementation.
Offering training to improve overall knowledge on customer employees.
Compliance Check Service
Personal data check and analysis
Compliance check
Security check on data storage points
Compliance Implementation for data management
Process set up
Policy review
SOP build up
Compliance Implementation for contract review
Contract review and advices
Legal suggestion for risk control
Legal suggestion for data outsourcing
Security Risk Assessment and system implementation
Security check on data storage point
Analysis on security threat
Advice on security improvement
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