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Facing the new version of Personal Information Protection Law that is going to be in effect, the applicable businesses are all cautiously looking for solutions, especially emails, which are frequently used in data transmissions. On one hand, they look for the equipment used to detect the contents relevant to personal information or the operational behaviors of WebMail for solving internal issues; on the other hand, they look for the defensive equipment that can prevent social engineering or accounts stolen for solving external issues.

To prevent external plotters defrauding the employees in enterprises for their personal information or the unauthorized emails spread, which cause the reputations of enterprises stained, on account of the accounts and passwords of employees stolen due to the weak conception of the employees in enterprises for information security, the introduction of SPAM SQR can effectively solve the external threats by preventing personal information exposed.

The introduction of Mail SQR Expert that can be responsible for the personal information protection can effectively solve the internal issues to prevent the personal information emailed by internal employees due to omission or the missing files in the archiving of emails in enterprises on account of the data in the companies sent by employees with WebMail. Softnext Technologies Corp. provides the best combination assembled with SPAM SQR plus Mail SQR Expert that can be the solutions for enterprises with dual functions dealing with both internal and external threats.

Combined with ASRC signature, daily updated SPAM fingerprint identifications.
Professional N-Tier filtering technology with high interception rate of SPAM and low error rate.
Different filtering policies set per different groups.
Periodically and automatically send the details of intercepted emails to users.
Linked to ASRC threatening email real time warning mechanism to provide real time prevention for external threats.
Mail SQR Expert
Best balance between storage space and searching speed.
Quickly find abnormal emails to reduce the risk of losing important confidential documents.
With delay sending function, email flow rates can be effectively regulated to increase efficiencies.
Multiple email filtering methods, including automatic reply, blind carbon copy, email review, delay sending, permission of delivery, emails reconfirmed, emails returned, emails disposed, emails forwarded to relay host, active notices, and so on.
Complete email management platform, able to flexibly expand the additional value modules, including internal email records, email archive, case analysis, email declaration, account authentication.
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