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Mail SQR Expert
To response to the change of evidence specified in Personal Information Protection Law, Mail SQR Expert provides a flexible expanding platform to fulfill the requirements for the pre-audit as the prevention, the audit processes in the event for analysis, and the post-audit as the follow-up for the aftermath. This further includes the life cycle management of email, the exemption declaration of enterprises, and the dual account authentication mechanism.

Mail SQR Expert is a complete management platform for email content security, which is able to intercept the emails containing improper contents (such as virus, confidential email, and so on). The managements , such as realizing regulation and security policies, implementing email filtered and audited, flow rate regulation, multiple statistical reports, email backup and recovery, and so on. MyMail personalized service is innovative, able to reduce the risk of using emails. Mail SQR Expert provides the managements of authorization. The operation is simple and easy. It can assist MIS, boss of enterprise, supervisor of department, and auditor, to easily carry out the internal control of email audits.

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