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Mail Archiving Expert
Email is the most important communicative channel among enterprises and between enterprises and clients and is highly populated. Thus, it is the most important target protected by the enterprise organizations. Along with the rapid increment of email usages, if all emails are backup without the data in emails categorized, archived, and realized with email life cycle managements, this will waste storage resources and affect the access efficiency later. It would waste costs, or even further violate regulations and jeopardize reputations.

The only one in the industry with invisible introduction structure, it can be online in 3 minutes. Even for those enterprises that only have rental email boxes without exclusive mail server, they still can simply have email archives and will not be the orphan of email archive structure.

Through the email archive expert of Mail Archiving Expert by Softnext Technologies Corp., the email properties can be properly preserved, and the emails can be categorized per the contents in emails. This complies with the overall or individual relevant management policies. Searching and accessing emails can be conducted with legal processes. The stability of archiving and the optimized operation performance can be maintained. The optimal email property managements can be realized. In addition to reducing the storage costs of emails, it can reinforce the preservation of the values of email properties to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

1.Flexible Authorization:
The settings for the roles of authorizations are flexible. Multiple arrangements of roles for managements can be set up in accordance with multiple complex organizational structures. No matter if they are cross-department, cross-region, or hierarchical management structures, they can be easily configured.
2.Multiple access mechanism:
No matter where the archived data are stored, they can be filtered conditionally to access the required emails in a huge amount of emails. The required emails will not be lost in the tremendous data because of their oldness.
3.Email life cycle:
The remote storage resource managements can be conducted. The archived directories can be divided per year, month, and date, or the archived space can be automatically moved per the preserved time. Different departments can be set up with different expiries of preservations.
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