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Content SQR
Content SQR is a universal solution for network content security, which provides content management and flow rate analysis for the services of application layer (Layer 7), such as Email, Webmail, Web, IM, P2P, FTP, Telnet, and remote desktop management. The filtering and analytical technologies can cover network layer to application layer for providing defense service of network content security.

Content SQR includes multiple management functions, such as network login control, interception of improper information, record recovery, policy management, statistical reports, and customized reports. This is particularly helpful for the control of network contents that users access. This product is convenient to manage and does not affect the operation of network. This is the best tool for enterprises for security protection in multiple communication ports and the security management for network contents. Content SQR can help enterprises to conduct effective managements, prevent data leakage, and improve the useful benefits of network resources.

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