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Pulseway PC Monitor
Remotely Monitor and Control IT Systems On-the-Go

How do I start using Pulseway?

This Quick Guide will help you set up your account and start monitoring your computers.
How many systems can I monitor?
You can monitor up to 5 systems for free for personal use only (out of which only one can be a server OS). If you want to monitor more systems sign in to your Account to get a new subscription or to upgrade/renew an existing subscription. For large and mid-sized IT Departments that require a high level of flexibility and scalability we have designed Pulseway Enterprise Server that can be hosted inside your organization.
I forgot my password
You can reset your password here or use the Pulseway Manager app installed on your computer.
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Get Started   Pulseway User Manual   Pulseway User Manual
This guide will help to setup Pulseway for your computers and mobile devices.   Check out the user manual for detailed information on how to install and manage or product.   Pulseway community forum keeps you informed and connected with the latest news about our product.
Read the Quick Guide   Read User Manual   Pulseway Community