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Pulseway PC Monitor
Remotely Monitor and Control IT Systems On-the-Go
Case Study

University of Auckland Business School
"It took very little time and we were up and running. Now we manage most of our everyday tasks from our smartphones. The best part is that Pulseway alerts us to any issues before users even notice any slow-downs. User satisfaction has gone up, our workload has gone down and the total price tag has been almost negligible." // Eugene Chan, Deputy Director Digital Services.

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Beerepoot Automatisering
"Now that we have been using Pulseway for a few months, our clients are enjoying improvements in support response, infrastructure control and management. This is because Pulseway is a real anywhere anytime solution." // Pieter Plas, Technical manager.

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CareTech Solutions
"When I tried Pulseway it took the monitoring burden off my shoulders. While I was satisfied with the notifications sent to my mobile phone I was blown away by the features Pulseway provided. It not only monitored server uptime but provided a plethora of statistics and actionable items. Within minutes I went from not only finding out about systems issues but having the ability to fix those issues from my smartphone." // Brian Heersink, System Administrator.

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Global PC
"They immediately see the value in it – not from a 'wow, that's an amazing tool' point of view, but because they know that their environment is being closely watched. In fact, we're able to pick up and resolve problems long before they have any impact on business. That really impresses our clients." // Austin Ellis, Director Global PC Ltd.

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Highland Community College
"The features and the application updates/enhancements that the Pulseway team has put out in the last year have been smooth and beneficial" // Joshua Berry, Network Administrator.

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