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IPEVO FR33.2 - Skype USB Handset with LCD
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Maintenance Information & Things to Note
If this product breaks down during normal use, "Version 2 Singapore Pte Limited", as IPEVO’s Exclusive Distributor, will repair or replace this product free of charge at its discretion within the designated maintenance period. Version 2 will provide limited maintenance for this product for a period of 1 Year from the date of purchase.

1st Year: Entitled to 1-to-1 product exchange.

When requesting refund or repair for the product, the customer must at the same time present the following:

1.   Original Invoice at time of purchase &
2.   Warranty Seal (affixed on product box and to present together with full package including box) of Version 2 Singapore Pte Limited.
3.   Warranty void if Seal is damaged or removed.

Point to Note about Warranty: The customer shall not make unauthorized repair, modification or disassembly of the product device body. If it is discovered that unauthorized repair, modification or disassembly has been done to the product device body, the related maintenance shall be deemed null and void. The related maintenance does not include damages caused by misuse, negligence, and accidental or malicious damaging.

* We seek your kind understanding that the Exclusive Distributor, "Version 2 Singapore Pte Limited", will not be able to provide any technical support or compensation for issues such as customers losing their data.
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