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PowerDVD 11 Tutorial Videos
Check out the video tutorials below to see how some of the fantastic new features in CyberLink PowerDVD 11 can take your PC entertainment experience to the next level.
How to stream from portable devices
PowerDVD 11 provides a simple way to transfer media from smart device to PC through the home network. You can also apply powerful TrueTheater® technologies to your media to clear up any lighting or stability issues that may exist.

How to enhance DVD quality
PowerDVD 11 boasts a whole suite of TrueTheater® technologies that will enhance your DVD viewing. Try upscaling the quality of your DVDs with TrueTheater® HD that lets you output to an HDTV in a quality that looks noticeably sharper and clearer, enable TrueTheater™ 3D to watch your old 2D DVD titles in stunning 3D.

How to download and install PowerDVD Remote
Grab the new PowerDVD Remote from the Apple App Store or Android Market and discover how you can use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device as a remote control for PowerDVD 11.

How to use PowerDVD Remote with PowerDVD
Once you've downloaded and installed PowerDVD Remote, you can control all your music, videos or Blu-ray movies from the comfort of your couch. No more getting up to pause when you get a phone call mid-movie, or want to go back and watch a key scene again.

How to play 2D photos in 3D
With PowerDVD 11 universal player you can use TrueTheater® 3D to convert regular 2D photos to amazing 3D. You can even apply the 3D enhancement to photos from Facebook and Flickr and then playback a 3D photo slideshow!

How to watch YouTube videos using PowerDVD
Sign into your YouTube account through PowerDVD 11 and view all your favourited and subscribed videos and channels through one convenient interface.

How to share videos to Facebook and YouTube
Uploading videos from PowerDVD 11 to YouTube or Facebook is quick and simple. Just select the video you’d like to upload and click the social media icon of your choice. You can now even upload your converted 3D video directly to YouTube.

How to play music using PowerDVD
With support for Windows 7 music library you can now use PowerDVD 11 to playback and sort your favorite music by title, album, artist, genre, length or size.

How to watch photo slideshows
With all your photos (both local and remote) now in one convenient place, all that’s left is a simple and attractive method of viewing them. Aside from clicking through them one by one you can simply hit the play button and watch your selected photos or folders as a slideshow.

How to stream content from DLNA servers
PowerDVD 11 functions as a digital media player, searching out content on connected servers in your network, such as other PCs, network attached storage (NAS), mobile phones and cameras. Once PowerDVD has found the content it can then provide playback functionality.

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