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PowerDVD 11
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Play Beyond PCs
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PC, Device, Home & Social Cloud

Wherever your content comes from, you can use PowerDVD 11 to enjoy it. Whether it's movies, videos, photos or music from your own PC, another PC in your home network, a DLNA-connected server, an Apple or Android smart device, or online social media sites, PowerDVD 11 has it covered!
Play From Smart Device to PowerDVD
As the amount and quality of photos and video captured on mobile devices increases, more and more consumers are dealing with getting that content onto the better viewing platform that their PC offers. Together with PowerDVD Remote, PowerDVD 11 provides a simple way to transfer media from smart device to PC through the home network.

And with PowerDVD 11 you can apply powerful TrueTheater™ technologies to your media once transferred to clear up any lighting or stability issues before you save it to your PC.
Play From Social Media to PowerDVD
Watch video from YouTube and view photos from Facebook and Flickr all from the one application. Not only is it more convenient having everything in one place, but you can also apply CyberLink TrueTheater™ enhancements to improve the image quality of the media you’re looking at.

Friend Zone for Facebook places all your Facebook friends' photos within one display, eliminating the need to constantly search for certain friends and then go to their photo wall and then click on their photo albums. A great time saver!
Play From Home Network to PowerDVD
PowerDVD 11 functions as a digital media player, searching out and playing back content on connected servers in your network, such as other PCs, network attached storage (NAS), mobile phones and cameras.

A new feature to PowerDVD 11 allows users to not only stream content from DLNA servers but also to download the media and store it locally.
Stream and Play Protected Content
The Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) specification was developed to provide protected digital entertainment in the home. PowerDVD 11 support for DTCP-IP means audio/video entertainment content that is encrypted to protect it from illegal copying or interception as it traverses IP-based home networks can be accessed and viewed.

More content protection standard support in PowerDVD 11 means more content for you!
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