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4.5 Star Award - DVDPlayerSoftware.org, USA
"PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D, continues to widen the gap between CyberLink and their competitors." DVDPlayerSoftware.org, USA, 2010
Hardware Heaven Gold Award, UK
"We were impressed by the image produced and throughout the movie we were also impressed by the 3D effects on show....an excellent and cost effective way to get Blu-Ray 3D working in the home, especially for those who already have much of the hardware installed in their system." Hardware Heaven, UK, 2010
IT Reviews, UK
"Definitely a worthwhile update to this well-respected media player if you want to stay at the cutting edge of video playback technology, or if you're a budding film critic with a bent for social networking. Its support for most 3D viewing hardware ensures you should be covered whichever way the 3D wind ends up blowing." IT Reviews, UK, 2010
V3 Online (5-Star Rating), UK
"Seeing is believing the kind of life-like imagery that Blu-ray 3D can deliver, and PowerDVD 10 brings it to life on your PC...Use this powerful DVD player to watch the latest Blu-ray and standard movies from your PC!" V3 Online, UK, 2010
SoftwareCrew, UK
The best movie player around just got even better, with useful new TrueTheater video cleanup technologies, improved video playback features, Blu-ray 3D support, YouTube uploading and more." SoftwareCrew, UK, 2010
Personal Computer World, UK
"A great application for Blu-ray playback on a PC and the new features in this versions are useful additions." PCW, UK, 2009
PCPlus, UK
"Perhaps the best feature is TrueTheater HD, a software-based DVD upscaling system." PCPlus, UK, 2009
TopTen Review Gold Award, USA
"If you want to experience the ambiance of the theater without leaving your home, CyberLink PowerDVD is the DVD software player for you." TopTen Review, USA, 2009
WebUser, UK
If you've got a PC you want to play movies on, you'll need a decent software player and PowerDVD 9 isn't going to disappoint." WebUser, UK, 2009
Computer Shopper, UK
"...its ease of use, powerful post-processing and library features add up to make PowerDVD 9 a good buy for those who don't want to mess about with lots of separate programs. It's a hassle-free way of bringing a new lease of life to your DVD collection." Computer Shopper, UK, 2009
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