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Push your creativity to the next level with new editing tools that will bring out the best in you. With new 3D style Magic Movie templates, particle effects designer to produce customizable special effects and existing design tools - titles, animated PiPs and menus - your video productions will look better than ever. PowerDirector's "open editing" approach lets you share your effects and disc templates with other users on DirectorZone.
Magical Results in Seconds - now in 3D style MORE
PowerDirector's magical editing tools provide video and photo enhancements automatically. Magic Movie Wizard lets you create movies in minutes using professionally designed templates. PowerDirector 9 now includes 3D-style templates that will definitely make your movie come to live.

Other Magic Tools includes

•  Magic Style: Professionally designed themes that let you automatically edit your movie, add effects, and insert title & credits. Particle effects, alpha-blended PiPs, and slick transitions are inserted according to the selected style.
•  Magic Music: Create movie soundtracks automatically from a built-in library of thematic tunes. Then let Magic Music sync the melodies automatically to the length of your video content.

•  Magic Cut: Edit your clips by removing action-less scenes and keeping the best footage. Sensitivity settings are available for zooming & panning scenes, people speaking, and scenes with moving objects. You can also set duration of scenes.
Magic Motion: Animates photos to create fantastic photo slideshows.
Particle Effects
PowerDirector 9 lets you add sophisticated particle effects to projects to achieve everything from simple animations to dramatic special effects. Start quickly with a wide range of templates and then customize to fit your video's style.

A slew of special effect parameters are at your fingertips:

•  Emitting method including pattern and direction
•  Bitmap file importing so you can determine the shape of the particles
Adjust particles' speed, density, color, size, path, the influence of gravity, and more.

PowerDirector's Particle Effects Designer provides a lot of flexibility for budding Spielbergs to try their hand at creating their own SFX.
Customizable Slideshows
PowerDirector 9’s slideshow tools let you produce photo productions fast & easy. A choice of 8 animation styles help you customize your photo slideshows. Advanced features let you switch themes and manually arrange the sequence and framing of each photo. And when it's time to add music, intelligent beat detection technology synchronizes your photos.
Disc Menus, Titles, Animated Objects
PowerDirector's design tools are the perfect way to customize the look of your video. With thousands of templates available on the DirectorZone website, you have all the inspiration you need to get started.

DirectorZone: Select from one of the template categories, then download the effect you like directly into your project. PiP Designer: Create pro-like picture-in-picture (PiP) effects such as video overlays and animated objects.
  Titles: Add funny thought bubbles, dialogs, credit sequences, or even TV-like captions to your videos.     Disc Menu Designer: Create a stylish menu for navigating your video production when burning to Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD disc, or DVD.
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