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  SoftwareCrew, UK
"Fast, easy to learn and with a stack of new features, PowerDirector 9 Ultra64 is a major leap forward for the package, making it a great way to add a professional touch to your movies." SoftwareCrew, UK, 2010
"It’s a lot easier for newcomers to master, while still providing a range of editing tools and special effects powerful enough to produce sophisticated video projects." - PCW, United Kingdom
PCMag.com, USA
"The best all-around consumer-editing app, and one that's well worthy of our Editors' Choice for consumer video editing." PCMag.com, USA
Videomaker, US
"PowerDirector is great for short films and home movies, and an excellent program to grow on. It's a great intermediate editing program and holds its ground against other intermediate editing software." Videomaker, US, 2010
MicroMart, UK
“An interface that’s not only great to look at but is also, crucially, a lot of fun to use.” MicroMart, UK, 2010
ComputerBild, Germany
"CyberLink PowerDirector is the only software that is able to do smart rendering with AVCH-movies." ComputerBild, Germany, 2010
PC Praxis, Germany
"To sum up, PowerDirector 8 Deluxe is an excellent tool." PC Praxis, Germany, 2009

Windows The Official Magazine "Buy This!" Award, UK
“The latest version of PowerDirector is by far the best, with great new tools.” Windows The Official Magazine, UK, 2009

Computer Active, UK
“…PowerDirector certainly offers good value-especially for more advanced users who are prepared to spend a little time mastering its more powerful tools.” Computer Active, UK, 2009

PC Utilities Recommended Award, UK
“Whichever version you opt for, you’ll find PowerDirector 8 a slick and intuitive way of producing your own home movies.” PC Utilities, UK, 2009

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