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PowerDirector 8
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Shared Creativity
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1000s of Free Video Effects at DirectorZone MORE
Populated by thousands of members and growing daily, DirectorZone, PowerDirector's video editing community, is where you can download, upload, share, subscribe and comment on other users' effects. Expand your editing options by downloading title effects, particle effects, PiP objects and DVD menu templates. Or, let the world embrace your creativity by using your killer effects in their movies.
Join the Video Creator Community
You can subscribe to favorite artists and be notified automatically every time they publish. Of course, other PowerDirector users can subscribe to your creations too.

And why just create effects and disc menus for other PowerDirector users, when you can also create effects for other CyberLink software, such as PowerProducer (DVD templates) and YouCam (frames and PiP objects)?
Learn from DirectorZone NEW
With PowerDirector 8, project details can be shared in the form of a timeline view on DirectorZone. Published timelines give you a glimpse into the unique creative approaches of other users. It's a great way to share your video editing techniques too.

A remarkable learning tool, each timeline view offers insight for those working on similar projects.
You can help the video editing community create even greater videos by taking advantage of DirectorZone's new feature to share your expertise. Simply click the check box to share timeline information when you upload videos to YouTube.

DirectorZone is also where you'll find tutorials on how to improve your videos using PowerDirector's latest features.
Free Flickr® Photos, Free Freesound Audio
Don't have enough colorful photos? Need more instrumental audio in your movies? You can access all the photos your project needs at flickr®, with PowerDirector's search tool & download feature. At freesound™, search for audio and music clips via PowerDirector's user interface too before downloading them into your project.
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