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PowerDirector 8
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Design Tools IMPROVED
PowerDirector 8 expands your creative options with a new Particle Effects Designer to produce customizable special effects. When combined with the existing design tools—titles, animated PiPs and menus—your video productions will look better than ever. PowerDirector's "open editing" approach lets you share your effects and disc templates with other users on DirectorZone.
Particle Effects NEW
PowerDirector 8 lets you add sophisticated particle effects to projects to achieve everything from simple animations to dramatic special effects. Start quickly with a wide range of templates and then customize to fit your video's style.

A slew of special effect parameters are at your fingertips:

•  Emitting method including pattern and direction
•  Bitmap file importing so you can determine the shape of the particles
•  Particles: speed, density, color, size, path, the influence of gravity, and more.

PowerDirector's Particle Effects Designer provides a lot of flexibility for budding Spielbergs to try their hand at creating their own SFX.
Disc Menus, Titles, Animated Objects MORE
PowerDirector's design tools are the perfect way to customize the look of your video. With thousands of templates available on the DirectorZone website, you have all the inspiration you need to get started.

DirectorZone: Select from one of the template categories, then download the effect you like directly into your project. PiP Designer: Create pro-like picture-in-picture (PiP) effects such as video overlays and animated objects.
  Titles: Add funny thought bubbles, dialogs, credit sequences, or even TV-like captions to your videos.     Disc Menu Designer: Create a stylish menu for navigating your video production when burning to Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD disc, or DVD.
16 Video Editing Tracks MORE
More video tracks and audio tracks give you ample room to flex your creative muscles. PowerDirector's nine PiP tracks allow multiple layers of video and objects to be animated simultaneously. You can create 3x3 video walls, more sophisticated animations, split screens, and chroma-key effects. Four audio tracks let you layer richly textured audio. Other tracks are for titles, transitions and effects.

Now you can copy, cut and paste your settings on one side of the tracks to another. Repeat sterling scene effects for other moments in your videos, or simply start new projects with existing settings.
Adjustable Workspace IMPROVED
When working on video masterpieces, you'll want as much legroom as possible. PowerDirector 8's new workspace is more flexible—simply drag to resize. Hone in on specific tasks such as organizing your media library, previewing current clips, or making subtle refinements to timeline effects. Edit in full-screen mode or in a minimized window. PowerDirector automatically scales your workspace panes to fit the size you want to work at.
Dual Monitor Support
PowerDirector's new dual monitor support allows the project previewing on a secondary display. You can also lock and hide tracks to remove timeline clutter and protect your project's settings.
Total Creative Control NEW
The new Zoom-in Cut™ edits at microscopic levels, right down to a single frame. When you want to retain your best video shots with the most interesting camera angles, try PowerDirector's new cropping videos feature. Other power tools include PowerDirector's reverse video, slow motion and rotation effects for a different kind of look and feel.
HD Input and Output
PowerDirector lets you create high-quality, high-definition projects from captured videos and photos. Import from your capture devices—such as an HD camcorder, DSLR camera, webcam, and more—and then output in a range of HD formats according to your playback device.

Create files for your , PSP, or Xbox 360. Or let PowerDirector export to an SD Card, or burn HD discs such as Blu-ray and AVCHD. There are so many input and output options to choose from with PowerDirector 8.
Proxy Video Editing IMPROVED
PowerDirector 8 improves the video editing experience when working with HD content. When you import HD files, PowerDirector creates lower resolution proxy files, allowing for faster previewing and more responsive editing by reducing CPU loading. PowerDirector then uses your original files to output your final production. You can choose to manually or automatically delete the lower resolution files after production.
Non-Real Time Preview
Non-real time previewing allows you to preview every frame of your video by slowing the playback speed. Intelligent analysis of the video content enables PowerDirector to adjust playback speed according to the current system loading.
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