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From Easy to Advanced Video Editing
CyberLink Media Suite 9 has something for all occasions when it comes to editing videos. MediaShow 5 offers a range of easy, often single-click features for editing videos fast. Meanwhile, PowerDirector 8 provides advanced features for creating more sophisticated video productions using a timeline editing environment.
1-Click Fixes for Videos
It's not easy to take the perfect shot every time, but you can fix your videos to make them look even better. MediaShow 5 enables a number of enhancements you can apply with just one click.

•  Remove "visual noise" from grainy videos
•  Stabilize the shakiness in video that often occurs when you take hand-held shots
•  Automatically adjust brightness, contrast and saturation to compensate for poor lighting conditions
•  Remove distracting noise from your recorded audio

The new Edit Log keeps track of the changes you have made, and you can compare changes with the original version. You can reset your video to its original condition at any time, or apply all the modifications you've made to a batch of other videos.
Advanced HD Editing
PowerDirector lets you create high-quality, high-definition projects from captured HD videos and photos. Import from a broad range of capture sources—such as HDV camcorder, TV or web cam—then drag your content to your timeline. There you can edit your clips and add effects, transitions, title sequences and more. Finally, output to a format of your choosing.
PowerDirector's Adjustable Workspace
PowerDirector 8's new workspace is more flexible—simply drag to resize. Hone in on specific tasks such as organizing your media library, previewing current clips, or making subtle refinements to timeline effects. Edit in full-screen mode or in a minimized window. PowerDirector automatically scales your workspace panes to fit the size you want to work at.
Precise Editing, Better Quality Videos
PowerDirector 8's Zoom-in Cut™ gives you greater control over the editing process by allowing the insertion of edit points down to a single second. Meanwhile video cropping lets you focus on key video content. Other new video editing features include the quality-enhancing video de-noise and 1-click video rotation.

Proxy Video Editing
PowerDirector 8 improves the video editing experience when working with HD content.
When you import HD files, PowerDirector creates lower resolution proxy files, allowing for faster previewing and more responsive editing by reducing CPU loading. PowerDirector then uses your original files to output your final production. You can choose to manually or automatically delete the lower resolution files after production.
Share Your Videos Anyway Way You Like
PowerDirector 8 offers heaps of flexibility in the way you enjoy your videos and share with others. You can upload videos directly to Facebook and YouTube. Or choose to output your video projects to a range of media players, including iPhone, Xbox, and PSP. You may prefer to preserve and share your productions by creating disc menus and authoring to a Blu-ray Disc or DVD. It's really up to you.
High Performance HD Video Editing and Conversions
High-definition video places higher demands on your PC resources than standard definition content. That's why Media Suite 9 is optimized to handle HD video content and now includes software that lets you leverage the full power of your CPU and graphics hardware.
Optimization for Intel Core
Optimized for Intel Core, PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and MediaShow convert and encode HD content faster by channeling the full power of the CPU. By taking advantage of Intel's multi-threaded computing technologies, the software lets you focus more on creating and sharing your HD videos and less time on waiting for them to be produced.

Super Performance, Efficient CPU Utilization
Intel Core technology improves overall performance including previewing and conversion of video file formats. PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and MediaShow take advantage of Intel's Hyper-Threading technology to enhance CPU performance and efficiency. The CPU can process up to 12 threads at one time leveraging each core's ability to execute operations from 2 software threads simultaneously. Allowing the CPU to execute multiple software threads at the same time results in an overall boost in performance.

Optimization for NVIDIA CUDA
PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and MediaShow support NVIDIA® CUDA™, enabling huge gains when transcoding high-definition video content by leveraging the full power of the GPU to produce significantly faster results.

With faster speeds for HD video transcoding, you'll spend less time converting home videos to H.264, and more time enjoying your movie masterpieces.

NVIDIA'S Supported Graphics Cards

PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and MediaShow support the following graphics card series from NVIDIA: GeForce, GeForce Mobile, Quadro, Quadro Mobile, and Tesla.

See below for a list of supported graphics cards:

•  GeForce 8500GT and above
•  GeForce 9800GT and above
•  GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 200 series
•  GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 400 series
•  GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 500 series

Optimization for AMD Accelerated Parallel processing Technology
PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and MediaShow support for AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing technology lets users leverage advanced hardware and software technologies that enable AMD graphics processors (GPU), working in concert with the systems central processor (CPU), to accelerate the video conversion process. This ensures more balanced system performance for faster handling of HD video.

In conjunction with AMD technology, PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and MediaShow accelerate the conversion of standard and HD video into a range formats. Support is also available for UVD (Unified Video Decoder), a video decoding unit of AMD that supports the hardware decode of H.264 and VC-1 video.
AMD's Supported Graphics Cards

PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and MediaShow are optimized for support of the following graphics card series from AMD:

•  Radeon HD2600 and above
•  Radeon HD4600 series
•  Radeon HD5600 series
•  Radeon HD6800 series

Note: in order to enjoy speed gains while transcoding you will need to install the AMD Avivo™ converter from the AMD website

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