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Fun with Photos
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Fast Ways to Organize and Enhance Photos
Media Suite 9 includes the latest version of photo and video organizer MediaShow 5. With many new features just for photos, you can now sort by faces, improve image quality with one click, and create customized slideshows that you can share online or by burning to disc.
Face Tagging
CyberLink MediaShow 5 searches and organizes your photo collection using a sophisticated face recognition algorithm—FaceMe™ Technology. FaceMe automatically groups similar faces and offers smart suggestions from your list of friends. It is a faster and easier way to organize your photo collection.
Precise Face Recognition Technology
MediaShow's FaceMe™ Technology analyzes your photos and identifies the faces in them, even if they are slightly covered or out of focus. Advanced face-recognition technology ensures up to 95% accuracy and can identify people wearing sunglasses or shot at various angles.
Ultra-Fast Sorting
MediaShow 5's FaceMe™ Technology is optimized for NVIDIA CUDA technology to deliver faster sorting times. By leveraging the full power of your graphics hardware, you can analyze and sort through volumes of photos quicker than ever. Analyze 1000 photos in just 8 minutes. Once sorted, albums of people can be directly uploaded to Facebook, completing a seamless process of face tagging and sharing.
Search for People
MediaShow makes it easy to search for people quickly using their name tag. Simply select the People Search icon, and you can choose from your existing group of tagged friends.

Either type in the person's name or click on the image of the person you are looking for. MediaShow will then locate all the photos that your friend appears in.
Other Easy Ways to Organize
MediaShow makes it very easy to organize your video and photo collection. Your media files automatically appear in folders listed by date. Individual folders and files can be manually renamed, tagged and described, allowing you to add information that makes it easier to search and reference at a later date.
1-Click Photo Fixes

MediaShow 5 provides a quick and easy way to fix photos:

•  Remove red-eyes with one click
•  Fix brightness, white balance, contrast and lighting
•  Stylize with a choice of 9 picture effects
•  Crop to predefined ratios or manually set your size
•  Straighten across with a quick drag of the slider
•  Apply a fix or effect to a group of photos with Batch Edit feature

MediaShow also includes easy-to-use sliders for manually adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance and sharpness. You can also rotate, display in a slideshow, or add to your favorites, with one easy click.
Create Memorable Slideshows
MediaShow 5 offers more ways to share your photos, with new tools for creating and customizing dazzling slideshows. You can now combine videos with your photo slideshows, while a selection of 12 stylized templates and a myriad of transition and text effects make the design process fast and easy.

iPhone   Give your slideshow an exciting theme. Choose from MediaShow's 12 style templates.
iPhone   In between images or videos, try spicing it up with MediaShow's 30+ transition effects.
iPhone   Add different types of background music to set the proper tone for your slideshow.
iPhone   Select from 37 text effects to convert them into funny thought bubbles, comic book dialog, credit sequences, or even TV captions to your slideshows.
iPhone   If your slideshow is longer in length, try creating chapters within your slideshow using color boards.
iPhone   The storyboard style workspace boasts an intuitive design, allowing easy drag-and-drop of photos to change the playback sequence of your slideshows.

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