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Ultra-Fast Conversions for Videos, Photos & Music
For the first time, CyberLink Media Suite 9 features MediaEspresso 6 - a powerful and lightning fast universal media converter. Not only does MediaEspresso offer batch and multithread conversions with optimization for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD technology, but it also comes with unique Smart Detect and Direct Sync features which makes converting and outputting media to your mobile devices a breeze!
Super Performance
Intel Core i7 technology enables MediaEspresso 6 to improve overall performance including decoding, previewing and simultaneous conversion of multiple video file formats. The graph on the right shows the performance of MediaEspresso 6 in converting HD video content for output to an Apple iPhone using an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor with Hyper-Threading technology. Optimizations for hardware within MediaEspresso 6 result in significantly shorter video rendering times.

Optimized for HD Encoding into H.264
With faster speeds for HD video transcoding, you'll spend less time converting home videos to H.264, and more time enjoying your movie masterpieces. MediaEspresso 6 allows the output of H.264 content for playback on PSP, iPod, iPhone and PS3 and a choice of video profiles for high quality or small file sizes.

NVIDIA CUDA supports the decoding of H.264 content too, delivering faster times for handling the overall conversion process by transferring the intial stage of decoding content from your computer's CPU to NVIDIA's GPU. This ensures that MediaEspresso 6 lets you convert your videos even quicker. And even when MediaEspresso is matched up against other software conversion products that utilize GPU acceleration, our optimization expertise means that the CyberLink solution still easily comes out on top.
Smart Detect with Direct Sync
MediaEspresso universal media converter now supports 59 output devices, including Smart Phones such as the new Apple iPhone 4, Game Consoles and other media players like the iPad, iPod, PSP3, Xbox 360. No more wondering what format type and resolution is best for your device - just plug it in and MediaEspresso will automatically detect the connected product and select the best profile settings for the output file. Not only that but all you have to do is hit "Start" and whatever file you've selected is converted and sent to your connected device automatically. It's that simple!
Enhanced Output Video Quality
Unique TrueTheater™ technology
Featuring CyberLink TrueTheater™ technology that makes your videos look so much better once they are converted. MediaEspresso not only converts video quickly but also improves your video's output quality simultaneously for an enhanced viewing experience on the platform of your choice.

Powerful TrueTheater™ Denoise and TrueTheater™ Lightning technologies allow you to improve the overall lighting of your video and remove the noise and artifacts. Not only does MediaEspresso convert videos, it also enhances the video quality for a better viewing experience.
Device Support* (in alphabetical order)
•  Acer: E200*, F900*, M900*, S200*, X960*
•  Apple: iPad, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic NEW
•  Blackberry: Bold 9000*, Curve 8900*
•  Google : Nexus* NEW
HTC: Diamond*, Hero*, Magic*, Touch*, Tattoo* NEW
LG: GC900*, KM900*, KU250*, KU900R*
Microsoft: Xbox 360, Zune
Motorola: Droid, BlackFlip*, CLIQ*, Milestone* NEW
Nokia: E66*, E71*, N82*, N86*, N95*, 5800 XpressMusic*, 6300, 6730C*, 5230* NEW
Palm: Pre Plus*, Pre*, Pixi Plus, Pixi*, Tero 750 NEW
Samsung: i7500 Galaxy*, i8510*, i8910 HD* NEW
Sony: PlayStation Portable (PSP)*, PSP Go*, PlayStation 3
Sony Ericsson: C510*, G900*, K810i*, W880i*, Z770i*, SATIO*, AINO*
Sony Walkman: NWZ-S738F*, NWZ-A828*

* Supports direct PC to device file transfer
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