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Fun with Photos
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PowerDirector's Video Editing Community
CyberLink's online community called DirectorZone is the perfect platform for sharing your interest in video editing and creation. There you'll find heaps of ways to improve your own video projects while helping others do the same.
100,000+ FREE Video Effects and Menus at DirectorZone
Populated by over 1,000,000 members and growing daily, DirectorZone is where you can download, upload, share, subscribe and comment on other users' effects. Expand your editing options by downloading title effects, particle effects, PiP objects and DVD menu templates. You can actively promote your creativity by allowing others use your killer effects in their movies too.

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Subscribe to Your Favorite Creators
You can subscribe to favorite artists and be notified automatically every time they publish. Of course, other users can subscribe to your creations too.

Along with all the thousands of video editing effects for PowerDirector, DirectorZone also has extra downloadable content for PowerProducer, MediaShow and Power2Go.
Learn from DirectorZone
With PowerDirector 8, project details can be shared in the form of a timeline view on DirectorZone. Published timelines give you a glimpse into the unique creative approaches of other users. It's a great way to share your video editing techniques too.

A remarkable learning tool, each timeline view offers insight for those working on similar projects.
  Fun with Photos

You can help the video editing community create even greater videos by taking advantage of DirectorZone's new feature to share your expertise. Simply click the check box to share timeline information when you upload videos to YouTube.

DirectorZone is also where you'll find tutorials on how to improve your videos using PowerDirector's latest features.
PowerDVD's Easy Ways to Share Your Love of Movies
PowerDVD's online community called MoovieLive is a great place to share your passion for the Blu-ray Discs and DVDs you love AND loathe. To get started simply link directly from within Media Suite 9's version of PowerDVD 10.
Build Your Own Movie Collection
Organize information about the movies you watch with PowerDVD's Movie Collection feature. You can build a database of movie facts, simply by entering and updating data as you watch a movie. What's more, when you connect to the MoovieLive website, you can share your info with old and new friends alike.
  Fun with Photos

•  Blu-ray and DVD movie details: Enter data for the director, scriptwriter, cast, and even publishing date and promotional slogans for both Blu-ray and DVD movies!
•  Instant PowerDVD facts: Compare your taste in movies with other PowerDVD users. Directly access reviews, see how many people own the DVDs you watch, and more.
•  Rate your movies: You can rate a movie right after it's complete and then compare it to the global rating.
•  Critical Movie Reviews: Express your heartfelt comments and thoughts about the movies that have touched you.
•  MoovieMarks: Bookmark your favorite scenes and share with others.
•  Live Comments: Share your thoughts on a movie in real-time in facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive.
MovieMarks: The New Bookmarks for Movie Reviews
Bookmark scenes, write reviews, share and even play MovieMarks.

PowerDVD 10 lets you review specific scenes—whether it’s Titanic's "I'm the King of the World" or Star Wars' "Luke, I am your father"—by bookmarking them and adding your comments.
  Fun with Photos

Simply bookmark a movie scene and then write a short description of what makes the moment so special. PowerDVD 10 groups your bookmarks from the same movie into a MovieMark file which can be shared with other PowerDVD 10 owners.

Fun with Photos  
Share MovieMarks Online
Upload MovieMarks to and alert your Facebook friends about your latest review. creates a timeline of uploaded bookmarks. Read and add comments directly below the timeline in See if your comments made as much of an impact on the PowerDVD community as the movie itself!

Download fellow movie enthusiasts’ MovieMarks and enjoy watching and reading the scenes they have reviewed. Note: You need the disc of the same movie to play the DVD using related MovieMarks.
Live Comments
Loved Lord of the Rings? Saw Harry Potter three times? Have your say RIGHT now!

During the playback of DVD or Blu-ray movies hit pause and enter a short comment (up to 140 characters). Share your comment in real-time on Facebook, Twitter and
  Fun with Photos

PowerDVD 10 makes commenting on movies as easy as watching them.

Check the full list of latest features.
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