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ActiveImage - vStandby AIP - Case Scenarios

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vStandby AIP
Overview   Case Scenarios   Resources   System Requirements

vStandby AIP is a revolutionary new Instant Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that was specifically developed to combine the lightning-fast recovery speed of vStandby with ActiveImage Protector’s advanced backup technologies, offering users a better alternative for DisasterReady instant availability.

vStandby AIP works by instantly starting-up a standby virtual machine originated from any ActiveImage Protector backup image file in minutes avoiding prolonged downtime due to lengthy restoration processes. .

How vStandby AIP is used:
1. ActiveImage Protector creates regular backups of a Windows Server or Workstation.
2. NetJapan ImageCenter LE, a free replication and consolidation tool for ActiveImage Protector, is used to replicate full and incremental disk images to a secure offsite location.
3. At the offsite location, vStandby AIP creates and maintains a standby virtual machine on a VMware ESXi host, using the full and incremental disk images created by ActiveImage Protector.
4. Should the source machine fail due to natural disaster or system failure, the standby virtual machine can be immediately booted for instant switch-over, bypassing a lengthy and costly restoration process.
Practical Usage Scenarios for vStandby AIP

A service provider is tasked to provide a replacement virtual server in the event a client’s system fails.

Standby virtual machines of mission critical servers should be created offsite. In the event the source machine fails, a standby virtual machine of the backup source server can be immediately started for instant switch-over recovery.

In addition, P2V server migration is performed without additional load on the source server.