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ActiveImage - vStandby AIP

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vStandby AIP
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vStandby AIP is a revolutionary new Instant Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that was specifically developed to combine the lightning-fast recovery speed of vStandby with ActiveImage Protector’s advanced backup technologies, offering users a better alternative for DisasterReady instant availability.

vStandby AIP works by instantly starting-up a standby virtual machine originated from any ActiveImage Protector backup image file in minutes avoiding prolonged downtime due to lengthy restoration processes. .


Create virtual standby machines for instant switch-over availability
vStandby AIP uses ActiveImage Protector backup image files to create an instantly bootable standby virtual machines, ready for immediate switch-over.

  Monitor storage folders where backup image files are saved
vStandby AIP can update a standby virtual machine once a new incremental image file is detected or according to a task schedule.
Create standby virtual machines offsite using replicated backup image files
NetJapan ImageCenter, a free replication and consolidation tool for ActiveImage Protector, replicates backup image files to either local or remote destinations, allowing a standby virtual machine to be created at a remote offsite location.
  Immediate system recovery with instant switch-over to a standby virtual machine
vStandby AIP users can instantly start a standby VM for immediate switchover recovery for guaranteed business continuity. vStandby AIP bypasses lengthy P2V conversion and restoration by creating an instantly bootable standby virtual machine from backup image files, offering a true Disaster Recovery solution.
Instantly verify the boot-ability of ActiveImage Protector backups
Use vStandby AIP to instantly verify the boot-ability of an ActiveImage Protector backup at any time.
  Affordable License
vStandby AIP is offered with a flexible licensing plan based on the type and the number of backup image files used to create standby machines.