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ActiveImage - vStandby

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vStandby 5
Server and Desktop Editions
Overview   Features   Resource   System Requirements
Summary of ActiveImage Protector for vStandby 5 Server and Desktop Editions
NetJapan's vStandby virtual standby availability solution creates and maintains dormant virtual replicas of physical and virtual machines. The standby virtual replicas are created directly on an ESXi host and are kept up-to-date using scheduled asynchronous incremental snapshots. vStandby ensures successful start-up of vStandby virtual machines when switchover becomes necessary.

Create Standby Availability Virtual Machines
Create standby virtual replicas of mission critical servers using VMware ESXi infrastructure in order to provide cost effective, standby availability protection.

  Instant Switchover Recovery
A standby virtual machine can be started from a selected snapshot, providing instant switchover recovery to ensure business continuity with minimal downtime.
Scheduled Incremental Physical to Virtual Snapshots
Incremental snapshots of vStandby protected servers can be scheduled to ensure a prearranged level of availability.
  ESXi Free License Support
Supports the free license edition of VMWare ESXi. Some limitations apply. See documentation for complete details.
Revive Physical Machines
Restore a vStandby virtual machine, including all the changes made while in operation, to the original server if needed.
  Migration of Windows Servers
Use vStandby to seamlessly migrate Windows Servers to VMware ESXi hosts (Windows Server 2003 and newer).