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ActiveImage - Standby Availability

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ActiveImage Protector
Affordable, high-speed, sector-based backup solution
Standby Availability Products
Standby Availability is a whole new concept from NetJapan. It encompasses affordable standby availability for small-scale systems without the high cost. The result of this concept is vStandby.

vStandby enables you to configure a standby virtual replica in VMware ESX/ESXi from an existing physical or virtual Windows server or desktop. Should disaster strike, the standby virtual replica can be started at any time from specific boot-points created before the source machine failed.

The standby virtual replica is instantly bootable, providing immediate switch-over recovery that includes the operating system as well as all applications and data from the source machine.
Click here to learn more about vStandby for Windows Servers and Desktops:
vStandby Server Edition
vStandby Desktop Edition