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ActiveImage - Special Environments

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ActiveImage Protector
Affordable, high-speed, sector-based backup solution
High Availability Environments
NetJapan provides backup solutions to High Availability Environments.

High Availability servers (Cluster, HA and Fault Tolerant) are critical requirements in today's business environments.

Even with an HA configured server, backup of the system and data volume(s) is imperative in order to be able fully recover from system corruption or physical disaster.

NetJapan has introduced a range of products and licenses specifically designed to provide backup and recovery of mission critical servers.
1. ActiveImage Protector features two agents for both active and passive node. This provides backup in active node and continued backup in passive node after failover.
2. ActiveImage Protector Cluster Edition includes two licenses, one for active node and another for passive node.
3. In a virtual environment, Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V has become very popular and with CSVFS, provides a smart high availability system. ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V Enterprise/SHR provides an agentless backup for the VMs on CSVFS and Live Recovery (Seamless Hot Restore) of a VM from a backup image during restore.
Please visit our products page to learn more.
ActiveImage Protector Cluster Edition
ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V Enterprise / for Hyper-V with SHR