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ActiveImage - Agentless Backup

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ActiveImage Protector
Affordable, high-speed, sector-based backup solution
Agentless Backup
NetJapan features easy to use agentless backup products for Hyper-V and ESXi platforms.

Server virtualisation has brought about profound changes in the Enterprise and Data Center markets, in effect changing management's approach to backup and recovery.

If different divisions own various VMs residing on the same host, then a backup agent for each VM would be the best approach. For this scenario, licensing should be flexible enough to cover a number of VMs.

If a host is owned by the same division, then a complete host backup that includes all its VMs is called for.

NetJapan provides a range of products and license types in order to effectively cover these various market requirements.
Key Features:
1. Virtual License
The Virtual Edition offers unlimited licensing on one single host to backup all the individual Windows Servers, Windows Desktops and Linux VMs. ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition features specific licenses to cover three platforms, Windows Server and Desktop, and Linux.
2. Cloud License
The Cloud License Edition offers a single license for up to 5 (five) VMs in a Cloud. In addition, the 5 (five) VMs are not required to reside on a specific designated host. The ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition Cloud features specific licenses that cover three platforms; Windows Server, Windows Desktop, and Linux.
3. Agentless Backup
Both vmGuardian and ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V feature agentless backup. In addition, ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V's Seamless Hot Restore feature offers live recovery of a VM from a backup image during the restore process.
4. Inline Data Deduplication Compression Backup
This feature minimises backup storage demands when backing up multiple VMs on the same host, while also significantly reducing the backup time typically associated with post process offline deduplication.
Please visit our products page to learn more.
ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition
ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V Enterprise / for Hyper-V with SHR