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ActiveImage - Linux Edition

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ActiveImage Protector 4.5
Linux Edition
Overview   Features   Resource   System Requirements
Summary of ActiveImage Protector Linux Edition
ActiveImage Protector for Linux provides advanced and secure disk image based backup and recovery technology for Linux environments. New features include a unified cross-platform graphical user interface, incremental backup, Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) and remote file management.

New release offers additional features including on-site and off-site replication, Smart Sector backup of XFS data volumes, incremental backup with remote consolidation, an improved graphical user interface and Inline Data Deduplication Compression.

  Graphical User Interface
A new cross platform graphical user interface that supports both Windows and Linux (X Windows) platforms.
Optimised and native for Linux - hot and cold backups
With years of experience in backup software development, NetJapan has developed a proprietary and native Linux snapshot driver (AIPSNAP) to backup live production machines or for cold backups.
  Incremental Backup
Incremental backups include only the sectors that have changed since the last full or incremental backup was performed. ActiveImage Protector uses a proprietary filter driver to keep track of sector changes. This saves both backup processing time and reduces storage requirements.
Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC)
ActiveImage Protector is the first image backup solution to offer reliable software based in-line deduplication. IDDC improves compression by excluding redundant blocks of data, resulting in a significant reduction in the size of backup image files and reduced storage requirements.
  Remote File Explorer Feature
Administer both local and remote file systems via a customised cross-platform file browser.
Quick release of Linux driver updates
As Linux kernels are updated from time to time, NetJapan provides the latest Linux driver module right after a new kernel is released.
  Fast and secure disaster recovery:
High-speed and secure restoration of sector-based imaging backup.Linux based recovery environment (AIPBE) allows you to quickly recover an entire system or just the files you need.