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ActiveImage - ImageCenter LE

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ImageCenter LE
Image Management for vmGuardian and ActiveImage Protector
Overview   Case Scenarios   Resources   System Requirements
ImageCenter™ LE is a stand-alone image management tool for NetJapan’s vmGuardian and ActiveImage Protector solutions.With this new management tool, replication of backup image files to local or off-site high capacity data stores can be scheduled. ImageCenter LE includes scheduling for incremental file consolidation of ActiveImage Protector backup images. In both cases, these tasks are offloaded to different systems so local system performance is minimally impacted.

A Centralized Image Management tool for ActiveImage Protector and vmGuardian that offers scheduled offsite replication of base and incremental backup images files.

  Offsite Replication and Consolidation tasks are offloaded to a dedicated system, greatly reducing resource demands on the source machine.
Schedule daily point-in-time replication tasks corresponding to a predefined number of daily backup files.   ImageCenter™ LE is a free download add-on for ActiveImage Protector and vmGuardian.
Replication options include:
• Replicate only incremental backup files.
• Replicate backup image files to a sub-folder created at a specified location.
  Consolidation tasks can be automatically executed according to a defined schedule:
• Each time a new backup image file is created.
• When the number of new incremental backup image files reaches a pre-defined number.
• Calendar based recurring scheduling.
Additional Practical Advantages of ImageCenter LE
• A single centralized management location of ActiveImage Protector backup image files.
• Redistribute the consolidation and replication load process across multiple systems.
• Automatically run consolidation tasks according to the schedule specified.
• Automatically run scheduled Replication tasks for vmGuardian backup image files.