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ActiveImage - Case Study

An ActiveImage Protector Testimonial from Taiwan Toshiba Electronics

When we use ActiveImage Protector to perform an incremental backup for the database and operating system, the backup task completes in about four minutes. The overall size of data is nearly 53GB. Enabling data deduplication compression dramatically reduces the size of backup image to 23.6GB. That’s a compression ratio of better than 56%.

Taiwan Toshiba Electronics, a subsidiary of the Japanese Toshiba Group mainly engages in the sale of semiconductor products. Although the ERP system is located at the Japanese headquarters, the company still employs a number of application servers which consist of 20 Hyper-V virtual machines spreading over 4 physical servers. With the collaborative efforts of General Advanced Technology Inc. (GATI) and Acer Software Service, Inc., ActiveImage Protector was recommended by Acer software service to simplify data backup process and accelerate system recovery of the original constant databases and virtual machines. ActiveImage Protector can perform the backup and restore of both the physical and virtual machines. The incremental backup of a database can be performed every hour to meet the need of keeping track of the constant transactions in the database and reducing the workload of the IT department.

AIP has three main advantages that contribute to a comprehensive solution capable of simultaneous backup of physical and virtual servers.

Taiwan Toshiba Electronics has multiple physical and virtual servers. In the past, if we wanted to back up the database of the physical servers we had to use Shadow Copy in order to make a copy and then back up the copy to a tape drive. Once the size of the database exceeded 30GB, along with the slow writing of the tape drive, the backup had to be performed after business hours to avoid affecting the performance of application servers.

However, with the increased accumulation of new data every day, the IT department was unable to cope with a daily backup. In order to meet the operating requirements of the enterprise, they were eager to find a solution which not only backs up the database rapidly but also performs a complete backup of physical and virtual servers simultaneously.

Yang Jianwei, the vice director of the information department of Twaiwan Toshiba Electronics said: “the traditional backup once a day, meaning that once a disaster occurs causing database failure would have a serious negative impact on our operation. So, we hope to make a backup every hour and save the backup file to a hard drive. Additionally, we hope the software includes both a deduplication compression feature so that we can save more storage space and the function of performing both physical and virtual backups.”

After a comprehensive assessment, only ActiveImage Protector meets all our needs. So after completion of the assessment in September 2013 we decided to formally incorporate ActiveImage Protector as our backup and recovery solution.

Built-in gratis data deduplication feature
One of the biggest advantages of ActiveImage Protector is the free inclusion of the data deduplication compression feature.  Deduplication in other higher priced products can be added at an additional cost. Depending on the application environment, about 60 to 70 percent of the storage space can be saved.
In the past, copying a 31GB database file took about 13 minutes. But using the incremental backup feature in ActiveImage Protector, it only takes four minutes. With deduplication technology, a 52.9GB database can be reduced to 23.6GB at a compression ratio of 56%, similar to official result.

“In addition to faster backup, ActiveImage Protector can also quickly mount a backup image file for individual file recovery but the backup file can be converted to virtual machine. In the past, data recovery always takes too much time,“ said You Ruibang, director of the information department of Taiwan Toshiba Electronics, “By using this function once a disaster occurs, we can mount the backup file within a very short time to make the supplication server work properly. Therefore it is a very useful feature.”

Fast backup of Hyper-V hosts
ActiveImage Protector introduces a new feature by which the user can directly back up all virtual machines and creates an image of the Hyper-V host without installing any agents in the guest OS. When one virtual machine fails, IT personnel can analyze and select the corresponding virtual machine and perform a live recovery of the virtual machine using ReZoom and Seamless Hot Restore technology without shutting down the computer. Daily operation will not be affected. Besides the built-in Replication feature, ActiveImage Protector can be configured to regularly copy backup image files to a remote DR center. When an exception occurs on a local server, IT personnel can immediately make a seamless recovery from the remote image files or directly restore the virtual machine with remote files and start the service thereby initiating a live recovery.

Taiwan Toshiba Electronics database and information security system are now more robust since the implementation of the ActiveImage Protector backup and recovery solution through daily and hourly backup to tape drive. As a result, the IT department can manage data loss under minimal downtime of one hour.