Recent News - Top antivirus product - ESET antivirus awarded for the 49th VB100


Early april this year, Virus Bulletin, the industry source of intelligence for computer viruses, prevention, detection, removal and data recovery, announced the 49th pass entry for ESET Antivirus which is the highest passing score in the world!

The test conducted by VB100 is known for its stringent and unbiase comprehensive tests. It is the most reliable test within the industry! To ensure the accurancy of the test, the anti-virus software needs to attain 100% accuracy in detection while maintaining error-free during the test.

The platform for April test was done on Windows Vista Business 32bits with Service Pack 1. There are only half of antivirus products which passed this test from a total of 37of antivirus products tested.

These awards affirmed ESET ANTIVIRUS to be the International Top Antivirus Product. They are also the preferred choice of information for multinational corporation and organisation when selecting an Antivirus Product.

Experts say that there are increasing threats on the internet with more demand for better antivirus products. A better antivirus product is consistent and stable in all various tests periodically. ‘ESET ANTIVIRUS has been the recommendation and choice for all.’

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