Recent News - ESET secured the “Best Antivirus Product” for two consecutive years



An annual comparison which was conducted recently by AV-Comparatives won ESET the Best Antivirus Software for Year 2007 securing its first place for the second time following its lead in Year 2006.

Based on AV-Comparatives stringent criteria, antivirus software which are selected to participate for the comparison are tested in a series of tests such as pro-active detection, system resource utilization, false positives rates, and on-demand scanning speed. In addition, antivirus software are also tested on all polymorphic virus. 

The following will give you an overview of the category awarded to Eset antivirus.

Pro-Active on demand Detection Test
Pro-active detection relies on advanced heuristic methods to analyse a code independently. Malicious codes are stop before they have any opportunity to infect the infrastructure. This is especially important as new threats maybe unknown to the virus signature database.

For this category, Eset achieve the best results

False Positives Test
Antivirus may sometimes terminate benign code from execution. Such situation can cause as much troubles as a real infiltration.

Eset was ranked one of the top four which produce the least false positive results.

On demand Scanning Speed Test
Scanning speed is an important factor for antivirus, the efficiency of each antivirus was tested in this category.

There were a total of 4 winners, including Eset antivirus. On an additional compliment from AV-Comparative, Eset consume low system resource while maintaining a high scanning speed.

Polymorphic Virus Detection Test
Polymorphic virus usually hides themselves from antivirus software, and they are one of the toughest to detect.

In this category, Eset antivirus detects 100% of the entire polymorphic virus in the test-set.

The category test clearly indicates the winner.

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