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Ransomware is indentified as one of the increasing threats, particularly in Latin America with many cases of CryptoLocker, TorrentLocker and more recently CTB-Locker infection. It kidnaps a user’s information by encrypting it and demand payment as a ransom. The sophisticated malware uses asymmetric key encryption algorithms, making it impossible to recover the information through reserve engineering or brute force. Despite its complex characteristics, the methods used to propagate ransomware is ordinary, such as through email messages.

These are 5 simple precautions that can stop you falling victim to ransomware.

1. Avoid giving our your email address

Attackers collect email address by searching on publicly accessible websites such as web forums, in order to spread malicious activities like sending spam, launching unsolicited advertising campaigns or mounting phishing attacks. Refrain resending email chains with more than one address without using bcc, this allows cybercriminals to collect email addresses easily for malicious campaigns.

2. Check content of the messages you receive and send

Practices check on the sender message, taking care with tempting offers and not clicking on suspicious links are basic measures to take in order not to be victimized by attacker tricks. Also checking the information sent, recipients and attachments are important, because sensitive information could be sent by mistake to wrong recipient or malware might be forward unwittingly.

3. Use a security solution to protect yourself against malicious code

Considering the quantity of malware propagated, we must emphasize security solution is essential for protecting your information and computers. It prevents malicious code from executing itself to infect your system. Furthermore the development of mobile malware such as Simplocker is the first Trojan to encrypt files on Android devices. This becomes necessary to install antivirus software on tablets and smartphones.

4. Keep your operating system, software and applications updated

Updating antivirus software is important for the virus signatures to be up to date and its settings to be configured correctly, so that threats are detected and blocked in a timely manner. Checking authenticity of any software before downloading can lessen other vectors of attacks propagated through website or legitimate programs and apps that are downloaded frequently.

5. Backup your information on external drives

The last method of protection is using backup drives, in the case that malicious code had successfully inflected and damaged your computer and information. A backup is your best weapon of defense, as long as all your information you have backed up is stored on external storage media.

A combination of good practices, security tools and awareness are ways to protect yourself from falling victim or at least minimize the consequences of an infection by ransomware or other type of malware.



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